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The SubTeacher App allows you to manage your availability to schools, and manage job offers all from your smartphone. It’s the perfect companion for sub teachers on the go.

How do I appear in school search results?

Each Sunday a new week appears for updating. It is very important to point out the default status of a new week is 'Unavailable'. So in order to appear in search results you must change this status to 'Available'. If your status is 'Unavailable' you will NOT appear in school search results.

So, what are the main benefits of the SubTeacher App?

SubTeacher App: Manage Availability   SubTeacher App: Job Alerts   SubTeacher App: View Scheduled Jobs
Managing Availability   Job Alerts   View Scheduled Jobs
You can manage your availability in the App. Simply tap a day to change your status from 'Unavailable' to 'Available' or vice versa. You can also change the status of multiple days, by swiping over those days. In the SubTeacher App, availability can be changed for a 3 week period.   If a school offers you a position, you will get a notification from the SubTeacher App about this position. You can accept the job offer in the App. Once accepted, the job automatically appears in your calendar and makes you 'Unavailable' for the duration of the job.   In the My Jobs tab within the SubTeacher App, you can see your job opportunities and a list of accepted scheduled jobs in one place.